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Digital Foundry - The Division Beta: PS4 vs Xbox One performance


Eurogamer.net har gjort en ytelse test av både PS4 og Xbox One versjonen av The Division beta versjonen som har vært tilgjengelig de siste dagene.

Noen sitater fra artikkelen.

But where precisely is the advantage on the console front, if any? We've dug deep into both PS4 and Xbox One betas, and ultimately the answer to this lies in the game's performance, rather than visuals. Both are capped at 30fps, and each holds strong at this number around Manhattan's most hotly-contested zones. Main story missions run without a hitch on PS4, while "go to X and defeat Y" style side-missions run equally well - on Sony's machine we encounter no spikes in the target 33.3ms render time needed to hit this frame-rate.
However, with a 30fps cap in place, any true frame-rate margin between these machines is shrouded in mystery, with only hints of the divide flaring up. Otherwise the two are identical in the other key technical facets; PS4 and Xbox One push a full native 1920x1080 resolution, backed by a perceptible match for the SMAA x1 technique used on PC. This is accompanied by a temporal pass to clear up flicker on camera pans, as evidenced by a light ghosting artefact trailing behind objects (which should be undetectable by eye, unless you grab a frame mid-motion and zoom in close).

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